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Alcohol use is highly prevalent, but there is still a lot of stigma associated with alcohol use disorder. In this episode of the Addiction Practice Pod, Dr. Roland Engelbrecht and David Ball talk with guests about alcohol harm reduction, treatment, and the impacts of alcohol use disorder on family and loved ones.


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  1. Patient goals will vary related to their alcohol use. For patients who do not consider abstinence an immediate goal, a reduction in heavy drinking can help reduce harm.  For people with severe AUD, managed alcohol programs (MAPs) are an increasingly common harm reduction support. There are also effective pharmacotherapies available, as well as psycho-social interventions for AUD.
  2. Due to the higher prevalence of comorbid PTSD and trauma among people with AUD, adopting a trauma-informed approach is particularly relevant for this patient group
  3. Stigma is a significant barrier for patients seeking treatment for AUD.  Approaching the topic of alcohol use with patients in a non-judgmental, conversational manner can build rapport and trust. Screening and brief interventions are proven to be extremely effective at any point of contact with the health system.


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