BC ECHO on Substance Use program brings together primary care providers and interdisciplinary addiction experts through monthly ECHO sessions, the Addiction Practice Pod podcast, and monthly newsletters. Providers share expert advice guided by the latest evidence, offer resources, expand collective knowledge, and enhance expertise in the treatment and management of substance use disorders.

BC ECHO on Substance Use Sessions

BC ECHO on Substance Use sessions are free, CME accredited learning opportunities hosted on an interactive virtual platform. The sessions are intended to connect primary care providers in BC with an interdisciplinary team of experts who provide participants with practical evidence-based guidance for the clinical management of SUDs. By participating in ECHO, you can expect to:

  • Improve your knowledge of evidence-based approaches to SUD care
  • Access virtual mentoring and support for yourself and your team
  • Become better equipped to tackle common clinical scenarios
  • Work through case studies with addiction medicine specialists

Practice Support Tools

Access clinical care guidance and tools to support SUD care.

Addiction Practice Pod

Hear from experts with professional and lived experiences about substance use disorder care.